Why Choose Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Machine

Apr 20, 2019
Why Choose Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Machine

Quen automatic shoe cover machine is a new type of shoe cover machine developed for the needs of domestic and foreign users. It is suitable for hospitals, food, health, research, computer room, family and other fields. Our products are beautiful in appearance, reliable in performance and easy to use, and have the following advantages compared to other products.

1. Using the principle of heat shrinkage to increase the capacity of shoe cover

Quen Auto shoe cover dispenser stores consumables in the form of rolled film through the principle of heat shrinkage, which

has large capacity of shoe cover. (One roll film can  be made into about 1000pcs and 1600pcs shoe cover, for the traditional 

shoe cover, it only has about 50-200pcs shoe cover)

2. Instant sealing technology to reduce cost

Intelligent shoe covering machine adopts instant sealing technology to reduce sealing area and shoe cover cost.

3. Intelligent design, easy to use, comfortable to wear.

Intelligent shoe sole laminating machine is designed with ergonomics as its design concept, using computer 

micro-control technology and automatic error-correcting electronic display system. It can be easily completed 

with only a slight step, and the Film-covering machine is placed on the sole of the shoe, with no breath, no foot-binding, 

comfortable to wear, fully showing elegance and grace.

4. The design is more fashion and the shape is more elegant.

Compared with the first generation, the streamlined design of the second generation is more suitable for the high-grade

living environment and highlights personal taste.

You can see the video of QUEN Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser here