What Is Disposable Shoe Cover Machine

Feb 17, 2017
What Is Disposable Shoe Cover Machine

Disposable shoe cover machine, also known as automatic shoe cover machine (can be divided into semi-automatic shoe cover machine and automatic intelligent shoe cover machine) is a door to the door to change the need for shoes and the development of the latest home products, Small and beautiful, the body is low, the use of extremely convenient, without taking off your shoes, just guests to the shoe cover machine gently step on, there will be a lovely shoe cover in the feet, both health and beauty, the most important thing is It appears so that we completely lifted the door off, changing shoes, sets of shoes sets of foot lift too high trouble and inconvenience. But also to eliminate the off, change shoes to bring the risk of beriberi transmission, but also to avoid a friend when the door due to socks perforation or foot odor to bring the constraints and embarrassment.

Application scope

For the hospital, foot bath, sauna, beauty industry, laboratories, microcomputer room, museum management, factory clean room, electronics industry, pharmaceutical products manufacturing, semiconductor industry, head production, chip manufacturing, And the purification level required for the production area.


1 save the door to change the shoes of the trouble, and take off the embarrassment of the dress can be directly on the one-time can also be used repeatedly to solve the many visitors, slippers enough, changing shoes trouble;

2 to prevent the private slippers into a public slippers, to eliminate the slippers to bring the athlete's foot cross-infection transmission of hidden dangers;

3 improved: change shoes at all kinds of unpleasant smell, pollution of the indoor environment;

4 to reduce the dry cleaning of the troubles, you can effectively keep the indoor clean;