The Symbol Of The Strength Of The Smart Shoe Company

Apr 30, 2018
The Symbol Of The Strength Of The Smart Shoe Company

Now many enterprises want to show strength will be a lot of effort, in fact, how an enterprise can show from the fine place, such as food factory, electronic technology place and other enterprise places, if equipped with high-grade intelligent shoe set, let guests come to experience high tech products, and can guarantee the company How can such enterprises not be trusted? Therefore, enterprises want to show their strength or start with these details, starting from the humanized service.

Intelligent shoe machine is a kind of household cleaning equipment for dust free ground. This product is designed with intelligent design, and has more convenient and simple operation and more powerful function. It is widely used in all kinds of high-end establishments.

Product function: automatically help the user to wear the shoe cover. Users do not need to bend over to wear shoes on their feet. If you only need to tread lightly, the shoe covers will be automatically wrapped on the feet, so as to avoid the inconvenience of bending over and changing shoes.

Product characteristics: electronic intelligence model control, simple operation, convenient and quick health, 3 seconds to complete, press the start of the press, shoe set start work, automatically open a shoe sleeve inside the shoe box, the user will step into the shoe sleeve will automatically wear the foot of the user, the user will take out feet, shoe set machine. Automatically open a shoe cover again and wait for the user to wear the shoe cover. The accurate use records show that the user can directly grasp the remaining amount of shoe covers. The set rate of the shoe set was 100%.

Two, intelligent shoe set performance: automatic intelligent shoe set is the real estate model room must be used supplies, is a symbol of real estate strength, the grade of the shoe set shows the strength of the Real Estate Company, and also shows the company's respect for customers.

Three, safe and reliable: the control part of the machine is composed of PCB, motor, infrared sensor and so on. It can automatically detect the step of human foot, and it has the function of safety protection, and it will not cause any harm to the human foot. Until the safety is removed or the work can be recovered automatically.

Four, the interface is friendly: the built-in control system of the shoe set machine can prompt the current working state on the display screen. When the failure occurs, it can show the cause of the failure, and automatically detect and self restore.