The Market Has Been Heated Up And The Industry Is Still In Chaos

May 26, 2018
The Market Has Been Heated Up And The Industry Is Still In Chaos

The automatic shoe set market has been gradually stable after the frenzy of the previous years. At present, the market still has great competitiveness. Many old users are highly praised for this kind of product. Automatic shoe set products have solved the annoyance and embarrassment of changing shoes for people to go into the door, and bring new way of life for people, only with light feet. With a light step, you can have a shoe cover that completely envelops the sole and avoids the spread of bacteria. Now this product has been widely recognized and there are some problems in the industry.

Although the shoe set machine has been developing for many years, the market is still in the initial stage of cultivation. There is no famous brand in the country. There are many brands and different quality. When buying, you need to polish your eyes, compare the products, and try to buy the products from regular manufacturers.

At present, the shoe machine products in the market are more through the network marketing channels, the offline entity stores are not much, the network sales become the territory of the traders competing for each other, leading to the fierce competition in this market, which brings many difficult problems, and many enterprises even have the survival problems.

There are many shoes set machine manufacturers to join the way to recruit the agent, the development of their own product channels, but there are many problems in the process of joining the shoe set machine, some manufacturers require agents to pay agent fees, such as the agency for a county to pay 12 thousand and 800; secondly, the agency fee, free distribution of 34 units, manufacturers say these 34 units are Give it to you. Then 12 thousand and 800 is the paper you made? It will cost almost 330 yuan per unit, and again, with 34 units, you have no choice of style. Generally speaking, shoe covers are divided into three grades. Low grade plastic cheap, medium grade is water transfer sticker, high-grade wood expensive, he will give you 34 sets of high-end? I want to get it all. Then you pay the money, sign the contract, and give you the distribution. Do you have to notice the sales rules in the contract? If you can't meet the sales volume stipulated in the stipulated time, what about your agency fee? Will you give it back to you? Even if you have, he will have a lot of excuses that don't give you the styles you saw. It's a cheap and rough product. How do you sell it? If you want the original medium and high grade goods, he has ten thousand reasons to increase the price. Anyway, if you hand in the agency fee, you are the meat on the board, and you are happy to cut it sideways. Therefore, friends who want to make shoes sets agents should also pay more attention to avoid falling into the trap of manufacturers.

In general, although the shoe machine products have a broad market, but there are still some problems to operate or agent this kind of product. For investors who want to invest in shoes, we should pay more attention to avoid falling into the trap.