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The History Of The Development Of Shoe Cover Machine

Oct 11, 2017

First, the birth and development of automatic shoe cover machine

All the supplies in our lives are not God-given, invented by the wise and capable man of the generation. Shoe machine is the same, is with the improvement of people's living standards, people increasingly demanding the environment, the convenience of work and life, more and more demanding comfort, in such a development situation, there is a prophetic By.

The first shoe cover machine from Hubei, a teacher and a company co-produced, but because people living conditions at that time is not good enough, people in the concept of all of a sudden can not quickly accept this new product, shoe cover machine this new product At that time did not quickly open the market. But the advent of the shoe cover machine so many people see her potential market and development prospects, and soon imitation products and new technology products began to start to start the stars. From 2009 to 2012 this time, the national television, newspapers, exhibitions and other media advertising a wave after wave, many domestic companies began to get involved in the shoe industry this emerging industry.

Second, automatic shoe cover machine products set the principle of development

The first generation of automatic shoe cover machine: round buckle push out of the set.

The second generation of automatic shoe cover machine: ring dislocation twist set.

The third generation of automatic shoe cover machine: round buckle rotary sets.

The fourth generation of automatic shoe cover machine: T-type buckle pressure-type sets.

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