Symbol Of The Strength Of The Enterprise

Jul 05, 2020
Symbol Of The Strength Of The Enterprise

Now many companies want to show their strength will have to work hard, in fact, how a company can show from the details, such as food factories, electronic technology places and other corporate places, if equipped with high-end smart shoe cover machine, let guests come You can experience high-tech products, and can guarantee the sanitation of the company's ground. How can such a company not be trusted? Therefore, if companies want to show their strength, they must start with these details and start with humanized services.


  Intelligent shoe cover machine is a kind of household cleaning supplies that need no dust to pollute the ground. The product adopts intelligent design, which has more convenient and simple operation and more powerful functions. It is very common in various high-end places.


   Product function: automatically help users wear shoe covers. The user does not need to bend over and wear the shoe cover on the foot by hand. With just a light step, the shoe cover will automatically wrap on your feet, eliminating the inconvenience of bending over and changing shoes.


1. Product features: electronic intelligent mode control, simple operation, convenient, fast and hygienic, completed in 3 seconds. After pressing the start button, the shoe cover machine starts to work and automatically opens a shoe cover in the shoe cover box. After the user steps on the foot, the shoe cover will be automatically worn on the user's foot. The user takes the foot out, and the shoe cover machine automatically opens a shoe cover again to wait for the user to wear the shoe cover. Accurate display of usage records facilitates the user's intuitive grasp of the remaining amount of shoe covers. The shoe cover machine's output rate reaches 100%.


   Second, the performance of the intelligent shoe cover machine: the fully automatic intelligent shoe cover machine is a must-have item in the real estate model room, and is a symbol that shows the strength of the real estate. The grade of the shoe cover machine shows the strength of the real estate company and also shows the company's respect for customers.


   III. Safe and reliable: The control part of the machine is composed of PCB, motor, infrared sensor, etc., which can automatically detect the stepping of the human foot, and has a safety protection function, which will not cause any harm to the human foot. Until the safety is released or you can automatically resume work.


   Fourth, friendly interface: the built-in control system of the shoe cover machine can give a friendly reminder to the current working status on the display screen, when a fault occurs, it can display the cause of the fault, and automatically detect and self-recover.