Smart Shoes Lead The New Trend Of Home Furnishing, Meet The Era Of Fast-paced, Fashionable, Healthy Consumption Concept

Apr 01, 2018
Smart Shoes Lead The New Trend Of Home Furnishing, Meet The Era Of Fast-paced, Fashionable, Healthy Consumption Concept

Only the visitors put the shoe's feet into the shoe set, and there will be a favorite pair of shoes on the visitors' feet, both sanitary and elegant, and now this is a scene in many families. It is a great business opportunity that has been unseen for many years, and this is a treasure that is to be reclaimed.

This is due to the fact that shoe covers are generally applied to families, hospitals, computer rooms, etc., which is a practical necessity that is indispensable for ordinary families and work. The appearance of the shoe set expelled the hidden danger of the foot gas from the change of shoes. At the same time, it also avoided the restraint and embarrassment brought by the socks perforation or the stink when the friend went to the door. It really improved the home life and led the modern home fashionable new tide.

Why can the shoes lead the new trend of Home Furnishing?

First, in terms of its role.

Intelligent shoe set is the latest research and innovation of the patent product, creative, fresh and practical, economic and environmental protection, can effectively maintain the clean indoor ground, deal with the chagrin of the shoes for the house, is the essential product of home survival, but also widely used in hospitals, practice rooms, room rooms and other occasions.

Convenient: only when you step on your feet, your shoes will be wrapped on your feet intelligently, so you can avoid the inconvenience of bending and changing shoes.

• practical: built in shoe covers and advanced non-woven fabrics, which can be repeatedly washed and used. It is both economical and environmentally friendly.

The use of the shoe cover: the use of the shoe cover can avoid the embarrassing situation common in changing the house, and reduce the trouble of clearing the ground after the visitors walk, avoiding the infection of the stink, foot and foot disease.

1., it can effectively isolate outdoor bacteria and virus to communicate indoors.

2. visitors visitors need to take off the shoes, guests need to take one of each washing tired slippers, door mat, floor.

3., prevent private slippers from making public slippers, remove the beriberi caused by slippers, and interpose infection to convey potential dangers.

4. friends and family to prevent perforation due to socks or odor caused by stiff and embarrassed.

5., reduce housewives' constant irrigating and mopping up, which can effectively keep the floor clean.

6., improve the choking breath of all kinds of shoes in shoes changing department, and pollute indoor air.

Two. From its scope of application.

Intelligent shoe cover machine generally applied to:

1, home-based survival: it is difficult for every tenant to visit the house and take off their shoes.

2, educational institutions: computer rooms, machine rooms and libraries in all primary and secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

3, medical and health undertakings: hospitals (such as B ultrasonic room, operation room, CT room, drug room), medicine or health care nutrient production workshop.

4, big database data room: the data service hosting service of major websites, that is, IDC data room.

5, entertainment service industry: large photo studio, hotels, hotels, massage rooms, guest rooms.

6, workshop workshop: fine equipment, electronic chip, electrical products and other clean production workshop.

7, financial institutions: banks and securities rooms, coffers.

8, scientific research institutions: major research institutes, Planning Institutes, R & D centers.

9, chemical industry: the corridors of laboratories and rooms for chemical enterprises.

10, transportation system: civil aviation engine room, railway engine room, luxury sleeper compartment, and even aircraft.

11, document processing Department: all kinds of external archives, special museums, exhibition centers, etc., usually can be charged at 1 yuan / double.

Three, from the use of function.

1: Shoe appearance, exquisite material, high integrity, a high rate of simple, convenient and practical;