Smart Shoe Set, The Gospel Of Real Estate Staff

Jun 10, 2018
Smart Shoe Set, The Gospel Of Real Estate Staff

Nowadays, many large real estate enterprises, hotels, office buildings and other places will provide free shoe machines for the sake of maintaining the ground hygiene. It makes people keep the sole cleaning and avoid indoor sanitary problems when entering the door. The higher out set rate, faster speed and more comfortable shoe covers make people comfortable and reduce the workload of the staff.

The intelligent shoe cover machine is beautiful in appearance, generous and luxurious. It has great help to enhance the image of the real estate, and has won the praise from the customers. Automatic control of the computer, the output rate of 100%; the customer is easy to use, simple, will not appear the customer can not step out of the shoe case; the user is convenient to replace the sleeve, 3 seconds to complete the action. This product is suitable for large real estate developers, medical institutions, telecommunications machinery room, subway monitoring center, network management center, temporary conference center, jewelry exhibition, electronic assembly and dust free workshop, food workshop, medical enterprise and so on.

Product features:

1. Concentration design: the advantages of all the intelligent shoe covers are integrated, and the area and weight are reduced.

2, super capacity: disposable or 200 or 100 (two kinds of optional).

3, quick installation: put the whole shoe cover directly into the shoe cover machine to complete the installation, simple and convenient.

4. Residual display: use electronic intelligent mode to accurately display the number of remaining shoe covers.

5, automatic error correction: smart chip adopts new improved design, with automatic error correction function, two seconds retrieval, automatic recovery operation;

6, 3 seconds out of the sleeve, high heels casual trample, safe without blind spots, warranty warranty.