Shoe Cover Machine Maintenance Knowledge

May 20, 2017
Shoe Cover Machine Maintenance Knowledge

Shoe machine whether it is plastic or aluminum alloy shell or stainless steel

Its principle is almost exactly the same, mechanical pull alive drive. Since it is a mechanical category, which naturally nothing inside some mechanical parts slightly Most of the mechanical parts of the metal components, because the use of the process does not pay attention to maintenance, greatly reducing the product life.

(1) first said plastic one machine

Plastic one machine words

Transport can not be heavy presses

Can not be placed high

The second can not be wrestling if the shoe cover machine for a long time do not

Pay attention to the shoe cover removed

Also pay attention to the surface of the shoe cover machine often wipe

Wipe the dust with a 30-40 degree warm water cleaning cloth

(2) plastic shell synthetic paper floor

On the one hand pay attention to keep the shoe cover machine and the ground contact surface can not be wet

The second aspect should pay attention to the plastic shell surface clean

But also pay attention to not be able to break the decisive role

These are the overall beauty of the machine and the service life

(3) aluminum alloy or stainless steel shoe cover machine

This kind of shoe cover machine is the emphasis on gloss

Overall beautiful and generous

Its internal body structure mostly mechanical hardware

So on the one hand to moisture

So to the inside of the machine to put 13 packets of desiccant

The second aspect of the machine shell is mostly made of aluminum-plastic plate

Can not be used in bright places

Easily lead to surface filtration oxidation

The last surface slowly darkened

Affect the overall beauty

This part of the machine generally do not consider the shoe cover hanging on the machine caused by machine deformation

Thus affecting the stability of the set

Most of the movement is steel

But clean the words because it involves the interface of the interface is best to use the hair dryer blowing inside the dust can be


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