Shoe Cover Machine Maintenance Knowledge

Feb 08, 2020
Shoe Cover Machine Maintenance Knowledge

Shoe cover machine, whether it is plastic or aluminum alloy shell or stainless steel, the principle is almost the same, mechanical pull alive drive. Since it is a mechanical category, there are naturally some mechanical parts in it. Most of the mechanical parts are hardware components, because care is not taken during the use process, which greatly shortens the service life of the product


(1) Let's talk about plastic integrated machine first

Words of plastic all-in-one

Do not place heavy objects on the road during transportation

Nor can it be placed high

Second, you ca n’t fall and bump, if the shoe cover machine is not used for a long time

Take care to remove the shoe cover

Also note that the surface of the shoe cover machine is often wiped

Wipe off the dust with a 3040 degree warm water cleaning cloth

(2) Plastic casing

On the one hand, pay attention to keep the contact surface between the shoe cover machine and the ground not wet.

The second aspect is to pay attention to the cleaning of the surface of the plastic shell.

At the same time, please pay attention not to fall

These play a decisive role in the overall beauty and service life of the machine

(3) Aluminum alloy or stainless steel shoe cover machine

This shoe cover machine focuses on gloss

Overall beautiful

Its internal body structure is mostly mechanical hardware

So on the one hand

So put 13 packets of desiccant inside the machine

The second aspect is that the machine shell is mostly made of aluminum-plastic board.

Do not use in places with strong light

Easy to cause surface filter oxidation

The back surface slowly turns black

Affect overall aesthetics

This part of the machine generally does not need to consider the shoe cover hanging on the machine to cause machine deformation

Which affects the stability of the casing

Most of the movements are made of steel

But if it ’s clean, it ’s because the interface of each interface is involved. Use a hair dryer to blow away the dust inside.