Outstanding Performances of Quen Shoe Cover Machine

Jan 28, 2015
Outstanding Performances of Quen Shoe Cover Machine

Comparing to the traditional mechanical or semi-automatic overshoes machine, “Quen” intelligent shoe cover machine has achieved a great breakthrough on technical principles and process, making the product performance significantly improved. Its outstanding performances are as follows:

1. Large capacity

It uses roll type PVC consumables, whose capacity is much larger than the traditional ones (the maximum capacity of traditional overshoes machine is 200pcs, and this product is at least 1000pcs). It only takes 30 seconds to replace a new roll , and one roll can be used 1000 times continuously.

2. Economical

 It is more economical than other shoe covers at equal thickness.

The thickness is 28 micron, it is more durable. 

3. Convenient

This device can output and cut the film automatically, and provides hot air. Just one step, wait for 2 to 3 seconds to cover the sole of the shoe.

It is easy to use and comfortable to wear.

By wearing our PVC shoe cover, it's not stuffy for feet.


4. Environment-friendly

The consumable material has passed ROHS certification, which is recyclable.