Medical Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine

Sep 29, 2019
Medical Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine

There is a lot of Bacteria in the medical industry, many departments should 

wear shoe cover.

It can help maintain a sanitary environment by eliminating dirt. So wearing disposable 

shoe cover is very important.

shoe cover for medical

Especially in ICU, when family members of patients visiting patients in ICU or for nurse.

They need to wear disposable shoe cover. Before people wear shoe cover by hand.

 But as you know, there will also many Bacteria on shoes. Wearing shoe cover by hand 

will dirt hand . Besides, it is not convenient to bend down to wear shoe cover, especially 

for old man, it's not safe.


So Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine  is a great help. It can help people wear shoe cover

 automatically. It's hands free

QUEN Thermal Shrinkable Disposable Auto Shoe Cover Machine is an unique product, it uses 

the heat shrinkable technology, it can make and wear shoe cover automatically.

People only need to install a film roll into the machine. After pressing the machine by foot. 

The machine will provide hot air , make the film into shoe covers and wrap on the shoe.

If hospital provides such machine for users use. It also can improve the hospital image.