How To Solve The Shoe Cover Problem In Public Places?

Jun 09, 2019
How To Solve The Shoe Cover Problem In Public Places?

Usually, they visit and enter some public places (such as model buildings, homes, factories, automobile sales companies, hospitals, parent-child gardens, hotels, Japanese and Korean restaurants, movie studios, laboratories, computer rooms, animal and plant nurseries, museums, special religious places, etc.). Always change slippers or wear shoe covers by hand. This method is extremely inconvenient; when more guests come, there are often insufficient slippers; when more than one shoe is worn and replaced, cross-infection of foot infectious diseases (such as beriberi) may occur; when the guests leave, they tidy up all the slippers and spoil the host; even if they use shoe covers, it is very troublesome to bend over the back of the shoe because they need to put their hands on the covers. All signs indicate that a new commodity is urgently needed to solve this problem.

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of life rhythm, more and more households and some public places have higher sanitation requirements, so the shoelace machine which integrates cleanliness, environmental protection and hygiene came into being. It can help people solve a series of sanitary problems of wearing off-shoe covers and cleaning shoes, and at the same time, it can provide convenience for people.

After notice the marketing requirement, then QUEN automatic shoe cover dispenser was developed.

Pls see the video of our Intelligent shoe cover dispenser machine bere

How to use QUEN shoe cover dispenser

The automatic shoe cover machine can prevent the spread of bacteria on shoes and the infection of foot gas. It also avoids the trouble of changing slippers when visitors visit. In rainy days, the shoe cover can also be used as rain shoes to prevent the leather of shoes from being soaked by rain. Home decoration, unit computer room, high-tech manufacturer, hospital and so on, need dust-proof units, need automatic shoe covers machine. Many companies and enterprises have more and more luxurious offices, and some new factories, such as electronic factories and pharmaceutical factories, require a high dust-free index in the factory. Every time employees or visitors come in and out, they have to change shoes, which is troublesome and unhygienic. With the automatic shoe covers machine, as long as you slip your foot into the shoe covers machine, you will have a lovely shoe covers on your feet, which avoids the constraints and troubles of customers when they go to the door to change shoes. Because of its convenience and practicability, this kind of small assistant of factory, company and home is being welcomed by more and more people!

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