Features Of Automatic Shoe Cover Machine

Mar 18, 2020
Features Of Automatic Shoe Cover Machine

Automatic shoe cover machine: It is a new type of shoe cover machine developed for the needs of users at home and abroad. It is suitable for hospitals, food, health, research, microcomputer rooms, households and other fields. This machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, reliable performance and convenient use.

Features of automatic shoe cover machine:

1. Smaller size.


2. Better stability: The new machine has shoe cover pull-closing technology, no matter it is big feet or small feet, you can easily wear the shoe cover without jamming.


3. There is no hook cross bar in the foot hole: The foot hole of the old smart shoe cover machine has a cross bar for opening the shoe cover. The cross bar moves back and forth, which is easy when the infrared photoelectric switch fails Injury to human feet, the shoe cover machine hook has no cross bar, which is safer to use.


4.Three-motor drive: The intelligent shoe cover machine has purchased three motors to drive the tensioning mechanism, the turning mechanism, and the opening and closing mechanism, so that the shoe covering machine works more stable.


5. Lower failure rate: Intelligent chip combined with more scientific and reasonable mechanical composition and high-quality electronic components make the product failure rate low, stable and reliable.


6. The special shoe cover box design ensures that customers use qualified shoe covers, the machine works more smoothly, and the set rate is higher.


7. LED light indicates the wear function: When there is a shoe cover open for wearing, the LED light on the bottom of the shoe cover lights up to inform the user that the shoe cover can be worn.