Automatic Shoe Set Can Be Seen Everywhere In Life

May 12, 2018
Automatic Shoe Set Can Be Seen Everywhere In Life

In the short period of the development of our country, the automatic shoe set set off an upsurge of consumption rapidly. The products spread all over the public places and private places in the family to provide people with more efficient and convenient life service.

The main application industries of automatic shoe set are as follows:

1, high-grade residential: villas, real estate model rooms, duplex houses, more families.

2, medical and health systems: hospitals (B ultrasonic room, operation room, CT room), medicine, health care products production workshop.

3, communications industry: China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, IT industry and other communications industry room.

4. Education system: computer rooms, laboratories, and primary and secondary school rooms.

5, traffic system: civil aviation engine room, railway engine room, luxury sleeper compartment.

6, scientific research system: research institutes, design institutes and development centers.

7, the banking system: the computer room, the vault.

8. Entertainment industry: massage rooms and guest rooms for large photo studios, hotels and hotels.

9, production enterprises: electronic, food, military enterprises, precision instruments, pharmaceutical, chemical products enterprise production workshop and laboratory.

10, the new choice of gifts: year-end benefits and other units procurement, very innovative gift selection.

11, others: places with high surface cleanliness requirements, such as some museums, exhibitions, tourist attractions, water conservancy departments, leading reception rooms, etc.