Automatic Shoe Cover Machine Lets You Hold The Scene

May 31, 2020
Automatic Shoe Cover Machine Lets You Hold The Scene

I believe that everyone has had the "embarrassing" experience, and the "bending over shoes" is really embarrassing. Not only in industrial production, but in daily life, this embarrassment is inevitable:

    1. An elderly father: I feel uncomfortable with the complicated shoe changing procedures for your home.

    2. Colleague's visit: worrying about the possibility of cross-contamination of athlete's foot when changing slippers, you often lose the opportunity to connect with your colleagues.

    3. Visits from fellow villagers: Forgetting about your excessive "exquisiteness", you are also guilty of "breaking away from your folks".

    4. Children's friends: All of them are worried about coming to your house to play. Slippers are not enough, trouble changing shoes, refuse to be a guest, so the children lose many children.

    5. A spouse at home: If you have a guest who comes to the door and only finds that he has smelly feet after changing the slippers, and you silently bear all of this; in the face of shoe prints and debris left behind by the guest and the host, you often Cleaning and distressed.

    6. Beautiful girl: "lower in class" due to changing shoes.

Automatic shoe cover machine is the latest research and development of Limin products. It is unique in creativity, novel and practical, economical and environmentally friendly. It can effectively keep the indoor floor clean and solve the trouble of entering the house and changing shoes. It is a must-have for home life. It is also widely used in hospitals, laboratories, computer rooms and other places.