Automatic Shoe Cover Machine Green Low-carbon Life

Oct 10, 2014
Automatic Shoe Cover Machine Green Low-carbon Life

Guests visiting and visits without off (change) shoes, as long as you gently step on a step KOCHIN shoe cover machine, all the problems all get! Spring Festival is coming, KOCHIN automatic shoe cover machine as a stylish, environmentally friendly new products to make your life more convenient, more environmentally friendly, more comfortable, more exciting life since then. 

Solved: Guests need Tuoxiehuanxie visiting guests need a walk slippers, door mats, floor of exertion each cleaning. Effectively maintain the indoor surface cleaning and water conservation. 

Save: family no longer need spare slippers slippers and frequent replacement costs, more affordable. 

Eliminated: visit many guests, slippers enough trouble changing his shoes, declined door again distress. 

Prevent: the private becomes public slippers slippers slippers beriberi eliminate cross-infection spread risks. 

Eliminate: When friends and family door perforation or odor socks because the binding and embarrassment. 

Reduced: housewife constantly mopping troubles, can effectively clean indoor floor. 

Improved: his shoes at a variety of shoes sent choking odor, contamination of indoor environments. 

Avoid: Because afar Tuoxiehuanxie excessive "stress" rather than understanding and evaluation of troubles because of his shoes and feel pretty girl "inferior" awkward atmosphere. 

Improved: corporate, project image, enhance the reputation of being customers and friends.