Automatic Shoe Cover Machine Development Prospects

Feb 23, 2018
Automatic Shoe Cover Machine Development Prospects

In today's society, as people's quality of life continues to improve, more and more homes and some public places require relatively high levels of cleaning. As a new industry, automatic shoe cover machine has a vast market prospects. According to statistics, there are 300 million families in China. In addition, there are at least 60 million more public places with higher cleanliness requirements, such as hotels, hospitals, laboratories, computer rooms, real estate model houses and photo studio. SARS and the emergence of bird flu, so that consumers continue to raise awareness of health and hygiene, that is, the potential market for shoe cover machine is very large.

Usually, the door and into some public places (such as real estate model homes, factories, car sales companies, hospitals, paternity parks, hotels, hotels, Japanese and Korean restaurants, studio, laboratory, computer room, plant and animal breeding room, museum , Special places of worship, etc.) should wear slippers or hand-worn shoe covers. This approach is extremely inconvenient; guests often do not have enough slippers at the time; there are a number of shoes to wear people may have foot infections (such as beriberi) cross-infection problems; Tired of the owner; even the use of shoe covers, because of the need to hand to the shoes on the sleeve, bending over bow very troublesome. There are indications that this urgently needs a new commodity to solve.

Automatic shoe cover function to prevent the spread of bacteria on the shoes, beriberi infection, but also to avoid the guests visit, the trouble for slippers, rainy days can also be as a rain shoe soles, leather shoes to avoid rain soaked. Home decoration, unit computer room, high-tech manufacturers, hospitals, etc., need dust-proof units, need automatic shoe cover machine. Many companies and enterprises have increasingly luxurious offices. Some emerging factories, such as electronics factories and pharmaceutical factories, have very high requirements on the dust-free index in the factory. Employees and foreign visitors often have to change their shoes, which makes them troublesome And not hygienic. With the automatic shoe cover machine, just wear shoes to the shoe cover gently step on the machine, there will be a lovely shoe cover in the foot, to avoid the guests when the door for the constraints and trouble when changing shoes, as convenient and practical This factory, company, home helper, is being welcomed by more and more people.

Shoe cover machine industry strong momentum of development, Shoe cover machine as a new product, has gradually become the family to maintain health and health necessities. According to experts' forecast, in the next few years, it will spread to every middle-income and high-income families like drinking fountains and disinfection cabinets. It is estimated that the annual output value of the industry will reach over 5 billion yuan.

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The main product of the company - Intelligent Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine is an automatic professional appliance to cover film under the shoe by utilizing the thermal shrinkable principle. It aims to achieve anti-bacteria and keeping clean, without stooping down and wearing shoe cover by hand. "QUEN" Intelligent Thermo Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine has been developed since 2003. After thousands of times experiment and improvement, it takes the lead in entering into European market with skilled technology in 2006, and has passed CE certification. It is widely used in places where is with higher cleanliness requirement like hospital, clinic, lab, dust-free workshop, food factory, hotel, museum, beauty salon, gym, model house and so on.We welcome customers, business associations and friends from all parts of the world to contact us and seek cooperation.