Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser with Large Shoe Cover Capacity

Feb 19, 2017
Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser with Large Shoe Cover Capacity

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Shoe Cover Material:PE

Feature of Shoe Cover:Disposable

Shoe Covers Machine Type:Automatic

Product Description

Product functions: It helps user to wear shoe covers automatically. The user don't need to bend down to wear shoe covers by hands. 

Product features: 

1- Intelligent control: Control parts of the dispenser consist of PCB, motor, sensor ect, it can catch shoe covers from the shoe cover box and open for user to wear. It also has these functions of safety protection, fault alarm, fault error displaying. 

2- Large capacity: It can contain max 200 pcs of shoe cover each time, it can be used after user put one shoe box into the dispenser, it is a very easy porcess of installation. 

3- Balance of shoe cover quantities displayed: The display screen of the dispenser can display balance of shoe cover quantities, numbers will be deducted one after one pcs of shoe cover has been released. 

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