Application Scope Of Automatic Shoe Cover Machine And Automatic Laminating Machine

Aug 23, 2020
Application Scope Of Automatic Shoe Cover Machine And Automatic Laminating Machine

Application scope of automatic shoe cover machine and automatic laminating machine

 Such as hospitals (operating room, intensive care unit, etc., blood station, X-ray room, dialysis room, biomedicine, ultrasound room, intensive care unit, pathology room, sterile room, laboratory, hyperbaric oxygen chamber), radiotherapy room. Microelectronics workshops, dust-free workshops, computer rooms, microcomputer rooms, food processing plants, laboratories, biomedicine, precision instruments, optical and magnetic technology, biological engineering, scientific research and teaching, customs quarantine, aerospace high-tech industries, epidemic prevention centers, etc. , Model rooms, hotels, high-end clubs, museums, famous car halls, high-end conference rooms, kindergartens, large-scale photo studios, year-end welfare and other units purchase innovative gifts.

  ——Applicable to all places with higher requirements for floor cleaning, the first choice for high-end residences

In Europe’s fashionable home life, smart life is being staged every day, bringing the avant-garde home furnishing concept of smart life into China, so that every high-end residence in China can feel the cutting-edge technology in life and enjoy the trend of fashion. Lifestyle, streamlined design, reflect your extraordinary taste, and enhance the realm of room aesthetics.

   Happy family party, lively birthday party, when we open the door to welcome guests, are you still busy in order to keep the room tidy? Are you still embarrassed by the lack of preparation for slippers? All of this has become a thing of the past, making the party easy! Synchronize wonderful and happy moments!

   New Home Gifts

   A good gift, a thousand words, starts with a single step; a good gift expresses the host’s affection and knows the guests’ wishes; a good gift embellishes the environment, but also the mood.

   Differences: Whether it is necessary to install shoe covers by hand? Number of covers? Economy, rate of release

 Automatic shoe cover machine No need, just put the whole box of 100-200 shoe covers into the machine

    Automatic laminating machine No need, just roll the whole roll, large capacity, 1800 pcs. No need to make shoe covers in advance, 100% heat shrinkable film can be put into the machine. Film is used. Power consumption is a complete set.