Application Scope And Marketing Channel Of Automatic Shoe Set

Jun 13, 2018
Application Scope And Marketing Channel Of Automatic Shoe Set

Automatic shoe machine product is a hot product in home life, only a few hundred yuan can be able to enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent products for home life, with automatic shoe machine products, you get rid of the trouble of changing the slippers every day, and at the same time avoid the frequent trailing, the ground has health problems, it is completely eliminated. The spread of beriberi can give you a healthy and comfortable living environment.

The shoe set is applicable to:

Medical and health systems: hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health products, nutrition production workshop.

Education system: computer rooms, laboratories, and primary and secondary school rooms.

Property management: District Management Committee, moving company (access to information).

Transportation system: civil aviation engine room, railway engine room, luxurious sleeping car.

Scientific research system: Research Institute, design institute and development center.

IT industry: City website direct selling, production and research unit computer room, workshop guest reception.

The financial system: the bank room, the vault.

Entertainment industry: massage rooms and guest rooms for large photo studios, hotels and hotels.

Production system: production workshop of precision instruments, chips, electrical appliances and other products.

Chemical industry: reception room of chemical enterprise laboratory and workshop.

Sales channels of shoe set:

1, into the traditional marketing channels: the large wholesale market, building materials market, the hotel supplies market cleaning supplies market, the traditional distribution channels, the establishment of the two level distribution network, the number of large.

2, enter the mall supermarket sales, shopping malls supermarket stores because of the absolute geographical location and the advantages of people, can quickly enter the terminal.

3, set up their own sales team to promote: for example, activities at the gate and supermarket entrance, direct sales, high profits.

That is, the recruitment of business personnel to promote, can run channels, or directly to the terminal in the form of promotion, promotion of retail.

4, the use of various relations, dredging organs, enterprises and institutions, gifts, souvenirs, welfare products, annual gifts and other forms of group buying.

5, you can invest in local newspapers, bus advertising and other forms of investment, wide audience.