About Intelligent Shoe Cover

Oct 10, 2014
About Intelligent Shoe Cover

Jacketed capacity: 60, 100, 200. 

Package Size: L * W * H: 90CM * 37CM * 70CM. 

External power supply: AC220V 50HZ / AC110V 60HZ. 

Built-in Power Supply: DC12V 8.4A. 

Total power: 50W. 

Total Weight: 20KG. 

Shoe installation time: 5 seconds, without laborious installation shoes, will not hurt the fingernail. 

Simple, just tread lightly, you can save time changing his shoes. 

Intelligent Control: electronic intelligence model, accurately record and display the number of shoes, but also know the cause of failure. 

Battery can be installed without wires, moving more convenient to work on one charge state 10 days. 

Focused on: wood floor cleaning and maintenance of high-end home, to avoid scratching the floor, can also be easily cleaning.