New Technology Automatic Shoe Cover Machine

New Technology Automatic Shoe Cover Machine
Product Details

Product name: Automatic shoe cover dispenser

Model No.: XT-46A

Working principle
This automatic shoe cover machine uses the principle that the thermo shrinkable film will shrink at proper temperature. It is different from other shoe cover machines. 

This shoe cover machine only takes seconds to let the PVC film become shoe cover and cover your shoes.

It automatically outputs, cuts the PVC film and provide hot air, It can cover shoes of different sizes, a layer of film will cover the lower part of the shoe.

Our shoe cover machine can make and wear shoe cover for you automatically! You don't need to wear shoe cover by hand anymore!

By wearing the shoe cover, it can keep the floor clean and avoid cross infection!

Scope of application for shoe cover machine:

Real Estate: Model house, High grade residence, etc

Education System: Kindergarten, School, Computer room, Research and teaching, Laboratory, etc

Enterprise: Electronic factory, Pharmaceutical factory, Chemical industry, Food factory, Dustless room, etc

Public: High grade club, Hotel, Museum, Top grade meeting room, Spa center, etc

Medical system: Clinics, Hospital operating room, CT room, X-ray room, B ultra room (for women), ICU room, VIP room, HBOC, Blood center, Baby room, etc

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