Automatic Disposable Shoe Cover Dispenser

Feb 08, 2017

Basic Info

Type:Surgical Supplies MaterialsCapacity of PVC Shoe Cover:1000PCS:Technology: PVC Film Thermal Shrinkage
Origin:Hangzhou, Zhejiang, ChinaHS Code:8543709990

This shoe cover dispenser uses the principle that the thermo shrinkable film will shrink at proper temperature. It automatically outputs and cuts the film and provide hot air.
It only takes seconds to let the PVC film become shoe cover and cover your shoes.
It can cover shoes of different sizes, a layer of film will cover the lower part of the shoe.
It is much different from other shoe cover machine.
Ours is the most advanced shoe cover machine now.

1. Economical: The cost of our PVC film is more economical than traditional shoe cover based on the thickness 0.028mm, it is more durable.

2. Large capacity: One roll film can make at least 1000pcs(500 pairs) shoe cover, for other shoe cover machine, the capacity is only 50-100 pairs shoe cover

3. Long useful life

4.4. Convenient: It only takes about 30 seconds to replace the film roll, then it can use at least 1000 times continuously.

5. Comfortable: It is easy to use and comfortable to wear

6. Environment-friendly: The PVC film has passed the RoHS certificate, it is environment-friendly, can be recycled

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